7/2017 - Dear Mr. Ingalls, Thank God and you for your Security Guard Dog device invention.  It absolutely prevented an attempted break-in at my daughter's home recently.  We are all so thankful that, although my daughter and granddaughter were terribly frightened, it prevented what could have been a much more horrible outcome, if the intruders had been successful in gaining entry into their home.          Thank you again for your Security Guard Dog device.  D. Knowles.

8/2017 -  We love the Security Guard Dog product so much that we bought our parents one and purchased three more for Christmas presents.  Thank you so much for the great customer service and the added layer of security for our family. T. Holliday 

6/2018 - I received my Security Guard Dog device for my front doors.  This company is local and very easy to work with.  I love the Security Guard Dog, hopefully we never have to have it tested, but we all feel more secure.  Thank you, C. Peterson.