About Us

The Security Guard Dog story
In January of 2014 our neighbor was robbed. The thieves kicked in the double front doors, ran in and grabbed what they could and then ran out. The robbery took less than 5 minutes total. Our neighbor had an alarm system and the door was locked. The incident made me realize that we, and anyone with double doors like ours, are vulnerable to this kind of robbery. In fact, we soon began to hear stories of similar robberies in neighborhoods throughout our hometown of Bakersfield CA.
It seemed logical to me that there should be a way to bind the doors together and deter someone from gaining access. I had an idea to hold the doors together by sliding metal bars over the doorknobs. So I asked Craig what he thought about the idea and he said he thought he could “come up with something”. And that’s how the Security Guard Dog was born.
Drawing on his years of experience as a machinist, Craig was able to take my rough idea and turn it into a functional design. Together Craig and Cindy and Julie and Jim came up with a whimsical design that looks like a dog and helps prevent your double doors from being kicked in.
As we told friends and colleagues about our idea, everyone said they liked it and wanted their own Security Guard Dog. So we started a business and now you can have a Security Guard Dog too!
We use the Security Guard Dog every day when we are away and at night when we sleep. It gives us peace of mind to know that our home has an extra layer of protection against robbery. We hope you get the same satisfaction from our product.

        Craig and Cindy Ingalls                          Jim and Julie Francisco